What is a celestial sphere?

Answer The celestial sphere is a fictitious shape upon which all the points in space sit. It is the shape of half a sphere. The celestial sphere allows man to measure and map the sky, and direct other vie... Read More »

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How to Learn Celestial Navigation?

The basic premise behind celestial navigation is to be able to find your unknown location through known positions of other objects, in this case, celestial bodies. Ancient navigators, such as the P... Read More »

Where is the south celestial pole?

The South Celestial Pole---the point in the sky of the Southern Hemisphere around which the stars appear to rotate---is located due south above the horizon at the same number of degrees as the obse... Read More »

Where on the celestial sphere would you look for planets?

A globe that contains all the stars in space as seen from Earth is called the celestial sphere. Locate the line that circles the celestial sphere called the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the projection... Read More »

Where is the sun on the celestial sphere at noon?

The sun crosses the meridian on the celestial sphere and is at its highest point in the sky at "local noon." Local noon is different from the standard noon of 12:00 pm and occurs at the time the su... Read More »