What is a celestial sphere?

Answer The celestial sphere is a fictitious shape upon which all the points in space sit. It is the shape of half a sphere. The celestial sphere allows man to measure and map the sky, and direct other vie... Read More »

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What is the brightest star in our celestial sphere?

The brightest star visible in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the entire night sky, is Sirius. It is best observed in winter months. It is 23 times brighter than our Sun in absolute terms, and is o... Read More »

What assumption was made about the distribution of stars on the celestial sphere?

One major assumption about the distribution of stars on the celestial sphere is that the stars are close to each other, hence our grouping of them into constellations. In reality, stars are a large... Read More »

What is the angular distance from the north celestial pole to the summer solstice?

The north celestial pole is tipped at an angle of 23.4 degrees relative to the Earth’s north pole. So at summer solstice, the sun has a declination of zero degrees on the equator. The angle betwe... Read More »

How is Celestial Seasonings tea decaffinated?

Celestial Seasonings offers consumers a large selection of teas, some of which are decaffeinated. Celestial Seasonings only uses the carbon dioxide method of decaffeinating its teas.TeaAll tea, whe... Read More »