What does cc mean in an email?

Answer When you type an email address in the CC field of an email, you send a copy of the email you're writing to that person. CC stands for carbon copy, a holdover from the days when copies of letters we... Read More »

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What does Cc mean on an email?

Carbon copy.It sends a duplicate to whatever address you put in there, and..BCC is blind carbon copy, meaning none of your other mail recipients will see the addresses you put in there ..

What does the"e"in"email"mean?

The "e" in the word "e-mail" stands for electronic. E-mail is electronic messages sent from computer to computer via a network. Each user has a unique e-mail address used specifically for communica... Read More »

What does"vr"mean in an email?

The abbreviation "vr" stands for the phrase "very respectfully." It is often used at the end of an email or a letter just as the phrase "sincerely" would be used. This is a common practice of indiv... Read More »

What does BTW mean in email messages?

In email messages, "BTW" is an abbreviation for "by the way." Chatting abbreviations—also known as "chat speak" or "text speak"—are common in many forms of typed conversation such as chat rooms... Read More »