Is agave caustic?

Answer The sap of an agave plant is caustic enough to cause skin inflammation that's severe enough to produce blisters. The juice can also irritate your eyes. It's recommended that goggles and gloves be w... Read More »

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Is caustic soda edible?

Only if you're looking for a painful death.

How to Make Caustic Soda?

How to make Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydrate)in your kitchen.

Is Clorox a caustic substance?

Clorox bleach is a caustic substance. It is capable of causing harm to human tissues through its chemical reactions. When using Clorox, wear protective gloves and goggles. Never mix Clorox with amm... Read More »

Caustic Soda for Drain Cleaning?

Learning more about the common ingredients in many commercial cleaning products can help you to better understand how these products work and which products are the most effective. When it comes t... Read More »