What does catechism mean?

Answer Teaching the essential tenets of a religion and often using a structured, testlike method to do so is referred to as "catechism."EtymologyThe word "catechism" originates from various sources, the G... Read More »

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What Is Catechism?

Catechism is an exposition of religious doctrine. It is typically used for instruction, in the form of a question and answer dialogue. Most religions, including the Catholic faith, use catechism as... Read More »

What is the Westminster Catechism?

A catechism is a series of questions and answers designed to teach an individual the principles of a belief system or religion. The Westminster Catechism outlines the doctrines of the Presbyterian ... Read More »

Activities for Catechism?

Utilize different activities to facilitate learning and memorization when teaching kids Biblical lessons and Catechetical truths. Whether you teach Sunday school in your parish, religion classes in... Read More »

Catechism Crafts?

In Christianity, "catechism" is simply a word that encompasses Christian religious instruction. Crafts that emphasize the principles of Christian instruction may include scripture memorization or h... Read More »