What does"Casey"mean?

Answer The boy's name Casey, says Theresa Norman's "A World of Baby Names," derives from the Gaelic surname O'Cathasaigh, which in turn derives from "cathasach," meaning "vigilant." The girl's name Casey ... Read More »

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What song does casey skate to in ice princess?

In the 2005 Disney classic movie "Ice Princess," the main character Casey Carlyle, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, skated her final performance to the song: "Reachin' for Heaven" by Diana DeGarmo.... Read More »

What watch does John Casey wear in the show Chuck?

It's tough to tell for sure but from the limited views of it that I had I think its an all black version of Chase Durer's Blackhawk Mach 3.

What is the origin of the name Casey?

The surname name Casey, or O’Casey, is an anglicized version of the Old Gaelic name O'Cathasaigh, indicating descent from a person named Cathasach, meaning "vigilant." The names Casey and Case ar... Read More »

Does derek like casey in life with derek?

A lot of older fans want Derek and Casey to get together. The creator of the show (Daphne Ballon) has said that they do not like each other, and will never get together or become a couple. So no.,D... Read More »