What does case sensitive mean?

Answer Case sensitive refers to a situation where a sequence of letters has different meanings based on whether the letters are uppercase or lowercase. Under the rules of case sensitivity, RainBow and rai... Read More »

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Are urls case sensitive?

In general, URLs are case sensitive. Most web servers will correct capitalization errors made by users, which may cause a slight delay. URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.References:Wor... Read More »

Is the Webkinz username case sensitive?

According to the Webkinz website, your username is not case sensitive, although your password is. If you are having technical issues with your username, you can contact the company's customer serv... Read More »

How i connect my case to phone line, my case dosen't have RJ11 socket?

you need a dial-up modem…

My parents adopted my kids and they get help for that. but the child support has an open case with me how can i close my case or work some thing out with them?