What does Per diem mean ?

Answer "Per diem" means "per day" in Latin. Companies often use this phrase to stipulate an employee's daily rate of pay or a daily rate for extraneous expenses, many of which are commonly travel related.... Read More »

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What Is Per Diem Pay?

Per diem pay is reimbursement that employees get for living expenses. The compensation can include money for lodging, meals and transportation costs incurred while employees perform job duties clos... Read More »

What is per diem in nursing?

Per diem nursing is a temporary assignment, often scheduled on an on-call basis filling in for other nurses who are absent due to illness, maternity leave or other reasons. Per diem shifts can rang... Read More »

What is the gas mileage per diem now?

The 2010 standard mileage rate for each mile driven is 50 cents per mile, according to the IRS. For medical or moving purposes, the rate is 16.5 cents per mile, while it's 14 cents per mile for cha... Read More »

What is per diem on a car loan?

The per diem on a car loan is the amount of interest paid each day, relative to the annual percentage rate (APR) of the loan and the remaining balance due. Per diem charges are most frequently enco... Read More »