Who is the manufacturer of Carpe Diem hardware?

Answer Carpe Diem is a line of drawer pulls, cabinet handles and other hardware manufactured by the Carpe Diem Hardware company. This company also manufactures two other lines of hardware: Kids Club and O... Read More »

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What does carpe noctem mean in English?

Much as carpe diem means "seize the day, carpe noctem stands for seize the night. The phrase has been used in an episode of the TV show "Angel" as well as being the title of a goth magazine publish... Read More »

What does Per diem mean ?

"Per diem" means "per day" in Latin. Companies often use this phrase to stipulate an employee's daily rate of pay or a daily rate for extraneous expenses, many of which are commonly travel related.... Read More »

What Does Working Per Diem Mean?

When you apply for some jobs, you sometimes hear the term "per diem." Many people don't know what that actually means or what it entails. Per diem is a Latin term for "per day" and is widely used b... Read More »

What Does "Per Diem Schedule" Mean?

A per diem schedule outlines the regular charges an organization reimburses employees for food, transportation and incidentals while traveling for work. Per diem schedules often vary significantly ... Read More »