What does a calendar call mean?

Answer A calendar call is a court scheduling procedure. A judge or court officer will read out the cases on the calendar so that all the involved parties can confirm that the case can proceed as scheduled... Read More »

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What does"casting call"mean?

Casting calls are invitations to audition for acting jobs. Open casting calls are advertised via talent agencies, print media or television and allow any actor to try out for a part. Closed casting... Read More »

What does will call tickets mean?

Tickets are referred to as "will call" when they are paid in advance and picked up at the theater box office. This is often done when ordering for a group, by telephone, or on line.References:Tick... Read More »

What does it mean to call someone an apple?

According to Knowledgerush, the term "apple" is an ethnic slur or a derogatory term one American Indian might use towards another American Indian to suggest he is not being true to his identity--in... Read More »

What does it mean when you call a car a "lemon"?

The car need the same repair/adjustment/work more then five ( I think ) times in one year. Now, if there is a 'lemon' law where you live, it's usually a state law, and may be different.