What does c5 mean in music notation?

Answer C5 is the name of a musical chord. This chord, which often is played by pianists and guitarists, is formed by playing the notes C, G and C. The two C notes are in different octaves in this chord.So... Read More »

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What does the notation ff mean?

On written music, the notation ff means fortissimo and instructs the musician to play the musical note very loudly. Fortissimo is a musical dynamic mark that is usually written under or close to th... Read More »

What does alphanumeric notation mean?

Alphanumeric notation refers to a type of notation that utilizes letters, numbers and other symbols, such as punctuation marks. The word "alphanumeric" is a combination of the words alphabetical an... Read More »

Can an MP3 music file be printed as a music notation?

MP3 files do not store MIDI data and thus are not capable of printing music notation. An MP3 file is of compressed audio format, and is available in a variety of bit-rates that determine the audio ... Read More »

Music Notation for iPad?

yea.I think there is. Look it up on App store.Mags