What is the meaning of the name"Butch"?

Answer Butch is a masculine name meaning “illustrious” or “butcher.” It is a variant of the Old English names Bert, Burt and Butcher and is often used as a nickname. A well-known Butch was outlaw ... Read More »

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How to Be a Butch Lesbian?

Have you ever felt that you were a Butch Lesbian? Butches can be very attractive, handy and even sweet. The challenge is balancing the style so it looks good.

What is Butch Hartmans sign?

Capricorn, the sign of the zodiac for Dec 22 - Jan 19

What did Butch rename the Blur in the little rascals?

Tattoos on women, cool or just butch?

I agree,too butch.I have one tatoo,which i`ve never regretted,but can`t say i`d get anymore.If you`re thinking of a tattoo my advice is to get something you know you`ll always like,don`t just go wi... Read More »