In my dream me and my favorite aunt was fighting over this newborn baby wo both were claiming it was our own child so we went to get it tested but the baby would not let go of me what does this mean?

Answer I suspect the newborn baby represents yourself. You feel that you are ready to be responsible and take care of yourself. Your aunt thinks that you need her (or your parents) to take care of you. Th... Read More »

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What does a breech baby mean?

It means that the baby is coming out feet first instead of head first. This is very dangerous as the baby is not getting enough oxygen, and results in turning the baby around or having a casearean ... Read More »

What does giving a baby up for adoption mean?

It means having a baby, and you don't want it. So you give it to another family.

When a baby says ooh what does she mean?

She might be asking for more food. She might be asking for more attention. Babies will learn how to do the things that cause you to react.

What does it mean when a baby drops?

During pregnancy, when the baby positions itself deeper into the pelvic region of the mother, it is said that the baby has dropped. During the first pregnancy, the baby can drop several days or wee... Read More »