What does business class seating mean?

Answer Airline travelers are often presented with a dizzying array of options, especially for those taking a long international flight. These flights may offer several classes of seating, including busine... Read More »

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What does business class seating mean in airlines?

Although the definition of business class varies by airline, it generally includes access to an exclusive lounge before the flight, boarding before economy-class passengers, larger seats and a less... Read More »

What does general admission theatre seating mean?

Seating that is general admission is not assigned, according to Ticketmaster. It works on the first-come, first-served principal. With general admission seating, a person can sit in any general adm... Read More »

What does full-view seating mean in a theater?

Full-view seating designates seats in a theater with a full and unobstructed view of the stage. In most cases, all of the seats in a theater will be full-view unless otherwise mentioned. Seats that... Read More »

With SDHC memory cards, what is the difference between Class 4 and Class 6 What does this mean?

The SDHC classes were supposedly thought out to prevent consumer confusion, but so far it seems to have achieved exactly the opposite.The class number simply indicates the card's *minimum* sustaine... Read More »