What does burdock root cure?

Answer I do not believe it 'cures' anything. However, you can gather the young roots and use them in stir fry.

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What does burdock root do?

Use burdock root for detoxing or for strengthening the liver. Experts claim it treats premenstrual syndrome, protects against cancer and is a strong diuretic. Confirm the herb's purity; a contamina... Read More »

How Much Burdock Root Tea Should I Drink?

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How to Use Burdock Root as Hair Dye?

Burdock has long been used in its oil form for remedying hair and scalp disorders, however its fresh roots can be used to make a natural hair dye as well. Burdock roots don't make a very strong hai... Read More »

How do you cure root bound plants?

Pot or root bound plants need to be re-potted into a larger pot. Do not go up more than two sizes in your pot. Place a piece of coffee filter paper over the bottom of the new pot, (works better th... Read More »