What does bungee jumping mean?

Answer Bungee jumping has become an extreme pastime all over the world, with aficionados searching for their next thrill. Bungee jumping can be a scary, but exhilarating, hobby for an avid thrill junkie, ... Read More »

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Who invented bungee jumping?

For 1,500 years, the natives of Vanuatu have been "vine jumping." Instead of the rubber band-like ropes used in the Western world, the natives use woven vines to jump from towers built of wood. In ... Read More »

How many people die from bungee jumping?

According to, a site devoted to comprehensive coverage of amusement ride accident reports and related news, there have been at least 18 bungee jumping fatalities between 1986 and ... Read More »

How many deaths are due to bungee jumping?

The Med Students website reports that official records are difficult to come by on bungee jumping deaths, however it is reported that by 1992 there had been 5 deaths and 4 critical injuries. Bungee... Read More »

When was bungee jumping created?

The history of bungee jumping goes back thousands of years. Bungee jumping as we know it today was inspired by a rite of passage performed by the natives of Pentecost Island. The islanders would le... Read More »