What does buenos noches mean in English?

Answer The phrase "buenos noches" is used to mean both good evening and good night in Spanish. The phrase may alternatively be written as "buenas noches." According to Clivir Learning Community, an online... Read More »

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Did Batholomew Dias have any siblings?

he had a sister named Sarah and a bro named Thomas

What did Bartholomeu Dias find in the Cape of Good Hope?

Bartholomeu Dias reached the Cape of Storms, now called the Cape of Good Hope, in 1487 while searching for a sea route between Europe and Asia. This discovery made sea travel between the two contin... Read More »

Who did Bartolomeu Dias meet in the Cape of Good Hope?

Bartolomeu Dias was a Portuguese navigator who found the Cape of Good Hope in 1487--88. While Dias did not find the person that he was looking for on his voyage, an African Christian, he did discov... Read More »

How to Take a Bus in Buenos Aires?

Traveling Buenos Aires by bus is cheap and fun. Knowing how to do it is a different story.