What does brim mean when written in pregnancy notes?

Answer Brim means that the baby is head down but just above the pelvis an not engaged. Until you go into labour.

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In relation to the brim in pregnancy why would your midwife put free on your notes?

Answer It just means that the baby's head is not yet fixed in your pelvis, it can still move from side to side.If you are 36 weeksor less this is quite normal, as it is if it is your second or sub... Read More »

What does it mean when "Locate" is written on the ground?

Locate would generally mark the area that a contractor would like utilities to mark the location of services.The various utilities would then mark different color paint stripes to indicate the loca... Read More »

What does relation to brim mean?

Answer The female pelvis is shaped like a bowl with the bottom cut off.The top of the pelvis is called the brim and the bottom is called the outlet.Towards the end of pregnancy the part of the baby... Read More »

What does a midwife mean if she says 'it's at the brim'?

Answer By 'lying in the brim' we mean that the baby's head is just at the top of the bony pelvis (pelvic brim) so the head is not engaged but almost certainly will be soon. As you have only 4 weeks... Read More »