What does breaking the bank mean?

Answer This is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the perceived great cost of an item or event - more than could be afforded. However, it appears to have French origins instead. Referring to a circumstanc... Read More »

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What does the breaking of Piggy's glasses mean?

It signifies the end of knowledge and knowledgeable rule on the island. The island is now going to be controlled by ignorant people.

What does the Breaking Benjamin symbol mean?

The symbol of the band Breaking Benjamin is a Celtic knot design. The symbol itself is four interlocking B's. Band members Aaron Fink, Mark James Klepaski and Ben Burnley, the lead singer, have the... Read More »

Breaking News Regarding The Swine Flu Outbreak: What Does Level 5 Mean In Layman's Terms?

level 5 means that a pandemic is imminent (bound to happen). prepare yourself and everyone you know. this has spread VERY quickly and is worldwide. i'm going out to buy Lysol I.C. and purell and wi... Read More »

What Does an FSB Bank Mean?

FSB stands for "federal savings bank." These banks were originally structured mainly to make mortgage loans, according to AllBusiness. Nearly 30 years ago, the powers of FSB were expanded to includ... Read More »