What does breaking a bone feel like?

Answer sh*t

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Breaking foot bone question?

Yeah. She probably is..When I was 4, I was trying to be helpful when my family was moving into our new house. I climbed onto the back of the gated trailor holding our furniture, and I started pulli... Read More »

Breaking your arm: what does it feel like?

well, obviously it actually depends on how you break it.When I broke mine (fracturing it but not breaking the skin) it felt like extreme pressure on my arm.But I suppose if you broke your arm in su... Read More »

I feel like I am breaking under this stress. Help?

Dude, stop being such a pu/ssy. Life can be difficult, you just have to deal with it. Eventually, you will start to feel better. In the mean time, you should do something such as work out, to make ... Read More »

What does a broken bone feel like?

When I broke my leg it literally felt like it was on fire and I couldn't even move my ankle because it was so swollen