What is bovine somatotropin?

Answer Bovine somatotropin, or bST, is a growth hormone produced by a cow's pituitary gland. It is an important hormone necessary for proper growth and development.Artificial bSTScientists have developed ... Read More »

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What is bovine colostrum?

Bovine colostrum is a natural substance produced by cattle in late pregnancy and immediately after birth, sometimes called "Foremilk" or "Firstmilk". Recent studies have showed promise of using bov... Read More »

What is bovine collagen?

Collagen is part of the natural substance of bones, muscles, tendons and skin. Within the skin, collagen is composed of fibroblast cells that help new skin cells grow. When you age, you lose collag... Read More »

What is bovine rotavirus?

Bovine rotavirus is a virus that can infect calves and cause diarrhea. Calf diarrhea, or "scours," is dangerous for young calves because of resulting dehydration and loss of appetite. It is one of ... Read More »

What are the causes of bovine rotavirus?

A rotavirus is a virus that infects the intestine and bowels in humans and animals; in cows it is known as bovine rotavirus. Most rotavirus strains can cause severe diarrhea in both humans and anim... Read More »