How to Be Bohemian?

Answer A Bohemian is a person who lives and acts by a different set of conventional rules and practices than the average person. The word evokes the romance of a wanderer's life. For all those noncomformi... Read More »

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How to Get a Boho or Bohemian Look?

If you are looking for a new style, or just need help to look bohemian, this is the right place. Here are some of the looks often used for the bohemian look.

Does anyone believe in the bohemian grove?

Yes, it's in the woods north of San Francisco. There are websites about this secret a Google search. They do some weird stuff.

How to Be a Bohemian Mother?

A Bohemian mother is a woman who is interested in raising a child or children but wants to continue with her Boho lifestyle. The subsets of Bohemians include Zen, Beatniks, Nouveau, Dandy, and Gypsy.

How to Dress As a Bohemian?

descriptionOkay, you probably know how to be a bohemian, but do you know how to dress like one? If not, follow these tips!