What does bob mean in texting?

Answer Two possible meanings of "bob" in the realm of text messaging are "back off buddy" and "battery operated boyfriend." The latter refers to a slang term for a female sex toy.Source:NetLingo: BobWebop... Read More »

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What does /.\ mean in FB or Texting?

Hiding, being embarrassed, or trying to be cute

What does BRB mean in texting?

BRB in Internet slang means "be right back." Text messaging abbreviations migrated from "chat rooms," where they helped visitors save keystrokes and save time. The frenetic pace of instant messagin... Read More »

What Does"SOP"Mean in Texting?

SOP is an abbreviation for Standard Operating Procedure, according to However, SOP can also be used as an abbreviation for Same Old Place. In order to determine which definition is co... Read More »

What does ICP mean in texting?

The acronym ICP stands for Insane Clown Posse, a metal/rap duo from Detroit that don face paint resembling clowns. They formed in 1989 as Inner City Posse. They changed their name in 1991 and relea... Read More »