What does The air is blue mean?

Answer when a senior officer walks into the room

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What does UPS Blue mean?

The United Parcel Service of America--or UPS--first began, and then halted, its air operations in 1929. The company relaunched the practice of flying packages via airline cargo holds in 1953, offer... Read More »

What does blue-ray dvds mean?

Most Blueray players have an analog output that delivers standard definition signals. If a high definition disc is played, the output will normally provide an SD version of the content. Using the a... Read More »

What does"talking up a blue streak"mean?

According to Using English, "talking up a blue streak" is an English idiom that means talking quickly and for a long time. "Talk a blue streak" is a variant of this idiom.References:Using English: ... Read More »

What does the blue led color on Android mean?

The blue LED is probably not Android per se, but a third party -- likely through an app."Android allows third party applications to control the multi-color LED and utilize other colors. Facebook fo... Read More »