What does blue flag with yellow stripe mean in nascar racing?

Answer The blue flag with a yellow stripe in NASCAR racing lets a driver know that a car may be trying to pass. Slower cars don't have to move over for the leader of the race; this flag just means that a ... Read More »

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What does the blue flag mean in nascar?

NASCAR uses the blue flag with a yellow stripe to notify a driver to keep an eye on his rear-view mirror because a faster car is approaching from behind. Race fans will see this flag displayed most... Read More »

What flag is yellow, blue and red?

Four countries in the world have flags that contain the colors yellow, blue and red. The countries are Moldova, Andorra and Romania, which are located in Europe and Chad, which is in Africa.Source:... Read More »

What flag has red, yellow&blue stripes?

The Romanian flag has red, yellow and blue stripes. The flag was originally adopted on December 27, 1989. Romania had several flags previous to this one, with the first tricolor flag appearing in 1... Read More »

What does the red stripe mean in the California flag?

Each element of the California state flag is symbolic. The color red in the stripe and the star symbolize courage, the grizzly bear represents strength, the star symbolizes sovereignty and the whit... Read More »