When the bloody hell is iPhone 5 coming out?

Answer Apple hasn't announced it yet, of course (the minute the date came out all iPhone 4S buying would cease immediately). But the rumor is that the company announces the phone on Sept. 12 and starts se... Read More »

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Bloody hell you're huge! Still 8 weeks to go!!?

Because they think that's what you want to here, ackknowledgement that your pregnant. When your first pregnant that's what you want to here, then at about 6- 7month you want a t-shirt with:Yes i'm... Read More »

Big Brother, Bloody hell Mikey & Grace Got Married At The Weekend, Will It Last?

Depends if they manage to stay off the Jeremy Kyle show

What does hell in a handbasket mean?

Hell in a handbasket is a shortened form of the term “going to hell in a handbasket.” The term is used when something is rapidly failing or deteriorating. Someone or something on route for dest... Read More »

What the hell does LOL possed to mean?

I think it is a short form for Laugh Out Loud, usually used in chat and SMS messaging as a response when the other party says something funny or humourous.