What does blood in stool mean?

Answer This happened to me last summer. I had a small tear inside my anus. I went to the doctor b/c there was a lot of blood and it scared me. I had to have a procedure done so they could look for sure... Read More »

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What does dark stool mean?

Stools may be dark due to the consumption of certain foods, or it could be indicative of blood from the upper part of the digestive tract. This can include the stomach, esophagus and beginning of t... Read More »

What does blood in your stool mean?

This could be very serious, but without testing it's impossible to say. Place a large sample of the waste product into a paper bag and take it immediately to the nearest pharmacy. Hand the bag to... Read More »

What does a white colored stool mean?

White-colored bowel movements indicate that your body lacks bile and that you need medical attention. Stored in the gallbladder, bile turns fat into fatty acid. White stool means that you have a se... Read More »

I had blood in my stool and i'm 12, what does this mean?

have any objects been shoved up your anus? it might have cut the anal tube thing.