Thumb Up, Thumb Down. What Are Your Top 5 Baby Names?

Answer Girls:Cassandra EveRosalie IslaViolet ArtemisEstella IrisSaphira HarperBoys:Elliot OrionLucas NathanielCassius OliverAltair EverettLucius Todd

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Does biting your skin cause cancer?

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On the top of your hand, between your thumb and index finger...that area...does it hurt to get a tat there?

Nerves are a funny thing. What can be excruciating for one, could be a breeze for another. and vis-versa. Hands and feet are usually pretty painful, but from what I've heard, that spot isn't bad co... Read More »

What do thumb rings mean?

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How long does it take to regrow the tip of your thumb?

HiSkin will form over the cut but we do not regrow digits,