How to Bisect a Circle?

Answer Circles are common structures in mathematics. Circles can be used to describe many real world objects, such as wheels and meteor impact craters. The mathematics used for circles is called trigonome... Read More »

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How to Bisect an Angle Using Only a Ruler?

To "bisect" an angle means to split it in half, or to find its middle point. Using only a ruler and pencil, you can easily bisect the angle formed where the end of two line segments meet. This is a... Read More »

How to Bisect a Line With a Compass and Straightedge?

A compass.When doing straightedge and compass constructions, one of the rules is that a straightedge has no measurement marks (unlike a ruler). So how do you bisect (find the center of) a line and ... Read More »

If stomach ache what does it mean also vomitish does it really mean pregnant plz tell me?

1st, in the future please use complete English sentences, it helps get your point across2nd, what you are feeling could be any number of bacteria or viral infections, as well as several medical con... Read More »

What does it mean for a pre-existing condition you have 63 days to get new insurance does this mean that you won't be covered for things like rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions unless you get i?

Answer That's correct.If you lose COBRA then you can get an Indivdual Plan from HIPAA, but it must be within the 63 days.