What does birth control do to a women?

Answer Birth control helps prevent unwanted children for women. It also helps women regulate their period.

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Can women get immune to birth control after a while?

there is no medical "immunity" to pills. but your question is about birth control, and this has a very wide scope, including natural family planning, calendar method, tubal (fallopian tube) ligatio... Read More »

What's your favorite birth control (women only plz)?

I've only used the Pill. I've been on it for almost 4 years & haven't had to switch. I've been using Triphasil-28 (or Trivora which is the generic) & have had NO problems whatsoever with it. I've h... Read More »

Do you think that women should be able to use birth control pills?

Oh geeeee whizz! Then i guess we should be locking up all the baby killing men that masturbate! They are killing hundreds of thousands of "potential" children all around the world!Give me a break. ... Read More »

Are women opposed to birth control pills?

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