Answer Biotin does help, a minimum of 2500 micrograms daily or up to 5000 micrograms daily is going to help support healthy hair growth, but there are several other minerals and elements that support hair... Read More »

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Does popcorn contain biotin?

Popcorn does not contain measurable amounts of biotin, a B-complex vitamin. In fact, too much corn can block the absorption of vitamin B. Dairy products, shellfish, chicken, nuts, some fruits, cau... Read More »

Can you take buspar and biotin at the same time?

Do not accept anyone answer to this question. You cannot verify if they are a pharmacist or doctor. ALL you have to do is call up your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. They will help you.

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Does biotin help to regrow hair?

On One Hand: Vitamins are ImportantThe body needs biotin in small amounts, and a lack of it can lead to hair loss. This B-complex vitamin helps form fatty acids, which are necessary for healthy hai... Read More »