What does the computer term BIOS stand for?

Answer The computer term BIOS is short for "Basic Input/ Output System." It refers to a chip located on every computer's motherboard that contains basic boot information necessary for the computer to oper... Read More »

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What bios does Toshiba use?

Toshiba has its own Basic Input Output System (BIOS) software, which is used to operate the hardware of the computer and setup the framework for the operating system. Toshiba also works with Phoen... Read More »

What does flash BIOS mean?

The acronym BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System, a critical component of a computer's motherboard. Users flash the BIOS to update the information it needs to help the computer function proper... Read More »

Do all computers have a BIOS password for Phoenix BIOS?

No, all computers do not have a BIOS password for Phoenix BIOS. Some computers with the Phoenix basic input/output system (BIOS) may be password-protected. Typically, computer manufacturers do not ... Read More »

What does shadowing mean when referring to BIOS?

The system BIOS is a set of instructions stored in ROM chips of the computer motherboard. Shadowing the BIOS means copying some of the slower ROM routines into the computer's faster RAM memory. Thi... Read More »