What does biological siblings mean?

Answer It means you have a full sibling, from both your parents. Not like a sibling from your mom and stepdad or anything

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How is my biological daughter related to my adopted daughter's biological siblings?

u got me u are screwedI helped my adopted daughter find her mom and we have learned she has a younger biological brother and sister (different dad). My question is how is my biological daughter rel... Read More »

What does half siblings and step siblings mean?

A half sibling is a brother or sister who has one parent in common with you (eg: you both have the same mother, but different fathers). A step-sibling is a sibling who is related to you only by ma... Read More »

What does biological father mean?

Answer If your sperm impregnates her then you are the biological father if your not sure get a DNA test.

What does a"biological faux pas"mean?

The term "faux pas" (pronounced "foe pah") means out of the ordinary, or some type of blunder. The term "biological faux pas" was used by the talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger in reference to t... Read More »