What does binary mean ?

Answer Binary literally means to be based on two or to consist of two numbers. In computers, binary code is a method of coding using the numbers 0 and 1 as its two bases.Source:Audio English

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What overall form is the bach polonaise in G minor supposed to be in Binary, rounded binary or ternary?

Do you mean this one?…I would say binary.Or do you mean this one?…In this one, we are in grey area.The last half ... Read More »

How to Get Started With Binary Options and Binary Options Trading?

An option is a financial contract which gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a fixed price within a specified time frame. A binary option is a fi... Read More »

How do i convert hexidecimal to binary and binary to hexidecimal?

each 4 bits of binary = 1 hexadecimal digit.binary=hexadecimal0000=0 0001=10010=2 0011=30100=4 0101=50110=6 0111=71000=8 1001=91010=A 1011=B1100=C 1101=D1110=E 1111=FExample: to con... Read More »


Chuck, you're talking out of your rear end dude! Go learn how to read binary!10 DOES = 2 (doesn't matter how many zeros you put in front of it!)000000000000000000001 = 1000000000000000000010 = 2000... Read More »