How to Stand up to a Mean "Best Friend"?

Answer Hate. Hurt. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when you think about your mean, or even aggressive best friend.

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A diamond is a girl's best friend, what's a boy's best friend?

What does this mean No better friend no worst enemy?

It is the epitath of Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Dictator of Rome.

My friend likes my brother who already has a girlfriend and one day she came to my house and kissed him and she lied about it and i found out threw my best friend what should i do?

Leave her. If she really cared about your friendship, she wouldn't have done something like that could potentially ruin it.

A friend told me about something called “do not track”. What does this mean?

The "stalking" your friend was talking about was from Internet marketers.When you use Do Not Track, your browser will delete your cookies so these marketing companies can't target you for ads.There... Read More »