Is Benson a Jewish name?

Answer The surname Benson does have Jewish roots. It is a combination of the names Beniamin and Sohn. It is also a derivation of names that are English (Benne) and Scandinavian (Bengtsson and Bendtsen).So... Read More »

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How old is Freddie benson?

Throughout the seasons, he is 13, 14, and 15.

What is Freddie Benson's real name?

On Icarly he is called Fredward Benson and I will check for his middle name for u. :) The actor is called Nathan KressBy Fran98I think it starts with a c. idk

Where does Freddie benson live at?

If you are on about the guy of iCarly, his character lives at apartment 8-D, just across the hall from Carly Shay and Spencer Shay. Freddie lives with his mum who treats him like a baby by the way.

Benson & Hedges Cigarettes for Sale!!!?

try ebay, cos you just got reported by me for this one faaag-boy.