Please Answer. Is it true that you can die from being whipped?

Answer Yes, you can. Thousands of enslaved Africans died this way in slave holding states in the 1800's. If you do not die from blood loss, you can die from shock or infection. You can get this from one l... Read More »

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Whipped Shea Butter Vs. Whipped Coconut Oil?

Shea butter and coconut oil have both been used for centuries around the world to soothe and treat myriad skin conditions. Both are harvested from organic sources. They possess many of the same qua... Read More »

What does the x mean in locomotive road numbers, eg X3985 Does it have to do with it being "retired"?

Absolutely. Many times, the number series a locomotive, or several locomotives, occupied during their active service, is currently used by newer locomotives.Rather than put new reporting marks on ... Read More »

What does"being professional"mean?

Being professional means acting and thinking in a professional manner at work. This pertains to how you treat your co-workers and management and having a dedication to your job. When you behave pro... Read More »

What does being proactive mean?

Being proactive means to take action with an end result in mind, whether it be aggressive action or preventative behavior. Being proactive often implies a "take charge" attitude with regards to act... Read More »