What does being nearsighted mean?

Answer People who are nearsighted can see objects directly in front of them but have problems seeing objects at a distance. Eye doctors usually will prescribe corrective lenses to alleviate the problem.So... Read More »

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Is being nearsighted a bad thing?

On One Hand: It May Be Progressive and UntreatableNearsightedness, or myopia, is a condition that renders a person incapable of seeing distant objects clearly. Myopia is progressive and usually--bu... Read More »

What does the x mean in locomotive road numbers, eg X3985 Does it have to do with it being "retired"?

Absolutely. Many times, the number series a locomotive, or several locomotives, occupied during their active service, is currently used by newer locomotives.Rather than put new reporting marks on ... Read More »

What does being proactive mean?

Being proactive means to take action with an end result in mind, whether it be aggressive action or preventative behavior. Being proactive often implies a "take charge" attitude with regards to act... Read More »

What does"being professional"mean?

Being professional means acting and thinking in a professional manner at work. This pertains to how you treat your co-workers and management and having a dedication to your job. When you behave pro... Read More »