What is Bavarian china?

Answer Bavarian china is a special kind of porcelain made with rare and exquisite materials. The porcelain, named after the region from which its clay is obtained, is very popular among collectors. Antiqu... Read More »

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How to Make Bavarian Cream?

Bavarian cream is a classic Swiss desert that is otherwise known as crème Bavaroise or Bavaroise. It is often served by itself or with a fruit sauce, and it can also be piped into doughnuts or cre... Read More »

How to Make Strawberry Bavarian?

Frozen sweetened strawberries, strawberry gelatin powder and heavy cream are used to make this cool, fruity dessert. Serves 8.

What is Bavarian leatherwear called?

The traditional leatherwear commonly worn in the German state of Bavaria is called "Lederhosen." The name comes from the German words "leder," meaning leather, and "hose" (plural "hosen"), meaning ... Read More »

Does anyone rebuild BMW engines other than Bavarian Engine Exchange?

Many companies other than Bavarian Engine Exchange rebuild BMW engines. Two examples are Action Auto Wreckers and Rebuilt Auto Car Engines. Bavarian Engine Exchange offers a five-year warranty on i... Read More »