What does battery exhausted mean on a nikon camera?

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Exhausted Battery- Nikon S9300?

Cameras don't necessarily report battery capacity real time; especially when you first put the battery on the charger. When you plug your camera into the charger, it may not tell you the correct a... Read More »

Can nikon en-el3a battery works for nikon d200 camera?

no, nikon d200 camera battery is fit for nikon en-el3e here is the links, you can have a look at it:

What other camera bodies match the Nikon D200 Camera for mouting a battery grip?

Some will, see the related link for a compatibility chart.

Is it really necessary to remove battery from my camera when not in use My camera is Nikon P500?

It is a good idea to remove batteries from anything when not using it just in case the batteries go dead and start to corrode. The corrosion can leave some residue in the battery compartment that c... Read More »