What does battery exhausted mean on a nikon camera?

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What does battery exhausted mean?

means your battery is useless and you need to buy a new one, at least that's what my nikon manual said!

Exhausted Battery- Nikon S9300?

Cameras don't necessarily report battery capacity real time; especially when you first put the battery on the charger. When you plug your camera into the charger, it may not tell you the correct a... Read More »

You just charged the battery for your nikon camera and it does not want to come on what could be the problem?

Above the zoom in and out buttons, there is a button that has a play button in a box on it, simply click that and change pictures with the arrow buttons.

What other camera bodies match the Nikon D200 Camera for mouting a battery grip?

Some will, see the related link for a compatibility chart.