What does case sensitive mean?

Answer Case sensitive refers to a situation where a sequence of letters has different meanings based on whether the letters are uppercase or lowercase. Under the rules of case sensitivity, RainBow and rai... Read More »

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What does it mean to brief a case?

In law school, briefing a case refers to completing a summary on a case, including the parties, the judgment, the reasoning used, the laws applied and the recounting of important facts. Briefing a ... Read More »

What does"abate case"mean?

It refers to either a specific court case involving Dr. Joseph Abate, who was charged in 2009 with sexually assaulting seven patients, or to a legal case of abatement. The latter is a procedure whi... Read More »

What does"a case stands on its merits"mean?

A case stands on its own merits means that it has been evaluated on its qualities and facts alone and found to be accurate. Information, evidence and opinions from other cases and people were not a... Read More »

What does disposed case mean in family court?

A case is 'disposed of' when it reaches the stage when the judge renders his final decision