Where does the term 'baroque' come from?

Answer Answer 1765, from M.Fr. baroque "irregular," from Port. barroco "imperfect pearl," Sp. berruca "a wart," origin unknown. "This style in decorations got the epithet of Barroque taste, derived fro... Read More »

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What is a standard Baroque suite?

Johann Jakob Froberger and some of his contemporaries and students established a standardized suite, consisting of Allemande, Courante, Saranbande, and Gigue. This pattern, however, was much modif... Read More »

What Are the Baroque & Early Classical Periods?

The Baroque and Early Classical periods saw a great divergence in musical styles. The Baroque period came before the Classical period and had great composers such as Bach, Handel and Corelli. The C... Read More »

Techniques for Baroque Oil Painting?

The word "Baroque" in art refers to painting, architecture and sculpture created in the 17th century. Painting shifted during this period from the uber-intellectual and emotionally remote Mannerist... Read More »

Ideas for a Baroque Art Lesson?

The baroque art style that dominated the 17th century explored tension, emotion and expression. It used detail and light to create a mood and send a message through a work of art. Introduce art stu... Read More »