What does barometric pressure indicate?

Answer Barometric pressure is a measure of the pressure exerted by the Earth's atmosphere. Changes in the barometric pressure often correlate to changes in weather patterns. A falling pressure may indicat... Read More »

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How does barometric pressure differ from atmospheric pressure?

Barometric pressure is another name for atmospheric pressure and both terms are often used interchangeably. The terms describe the weight of earth's atmosphere, which averages 14.7 pounds per squar... Read More »

Ambient Pressure Vs. Barometric Pressure?

Atmospheric pressure--also known as air pressure--can vary by region. Differences in air pressure readings can result from temperature changes and differences in altitude. When comparing barometric... Read More »

What does barometric pressure mean?

Barometric pressure is also known as atmospheric pressure. It is the pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere and is measured by a barometer. It is higher at sea level and decreases as you g... Read More »

What does barometric pressure tell you?

Barometric pressure is a measure of the force of the atmosphere pushing down on a particular location. Barometric pressure is commonly measured by the height of mercury in a mercury barometer or in... Read More »