What does baking soda do for swimming pools?

Answer On One Hand: Water clarityBaking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, frequently is added to swimming pools to help maintain water clarity and freshness. This chemical compound provides the mine... Read More »

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Will baking soda treat hard water in swimming pools?

No, it will affect the pH of your pool. You need to look at the chemicals calcium harness, as well as any metals in your water.

Can you add baking soda to your swimming pool?

Answer Yep! Baking Soda is Sodium Bicarbonate. It's the same stuff as "Alkalinity UP" but much cheaper. If you get the bags of it at a warehouse store, instructions for use in a pool will be on ... Read More »

Can you use Arm and Hammer baking soda in your swimming pool?

Answer I do. And I buy it at CostCo. Answer You can (soda ash is used to adjust PH) but your pool supply store may have a cheaper alternative. Answer I used "Alkalinity Increaser" for a year or t... Read More »

Can you use baking soda to increase the PH in a swimming pool?

Some have stated Baking Soda can be used as a replacement to Soda Ash, for increasing the PH of the pool, but Soda Ash (sodium carbonate) has a different chemical makeup than Baking Soda (sodium bi... Read More »