What does bad gateway mean?

Answer Among the many HTTP errors received when browsing the web, HTTP error 502 (bad gateway) is among one of the mysterious ones for people who do not know much about the web. There might be no solution... Read More »

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What does"act"mean on a 2Wire Gateway?

A 2Wire Gateway is hardware that allows you to create a network. It is composed of a wireless router with firewall and can connect all of your computers, printers and other devices to a network. "A... Read More »

What's "Bad Gateway 502" mean?

ResolutionThe 502 Bad Gateway error is usually a network error between servers on the Internet, meaning the problem is not with your PC or Internet connection. Even though the issue is not yours to... Read More »

What motherboard does the Gateway GP6-400 have?

The Gateway GP6-400 shipped with a Jabil BX motherboard (Gateway part 4000434). This is an older board, containing the Intel 440 BX chipset which supports Pentium II processors. It is unlikely that... Read More »

What PC card does my Gateway T-1628 laptop take?

The Gateway T-1628 notebook computer does not have a PC card slot. It has an ExpressCard/54 slot. You can purchase add-on cards in the ExpressCard/54 or ExpressCard/34 formats to use in your Gatewa... Read More »