What does background #0C0 mean in CSS?

Answer Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) determine how HTML is displayed. The syntax of CSS contains a property and a value. In CSS, Background #0C0 would display a green background. Background is the property... Read More »

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What does background&secondary research mean?

Secondary research involves compiling a list or summary of primary research (research that other parties conducted directly) to get an understanding of what kind of previous studies have been done.... Read More »

What does c c h mean in reference to background checks?

The letters 'CCH' stand for computerized criminal history. Running a computerized criminal history report during a background check provides information regarding a person's prior arrests, convicti... Read More »

Does a background check mean you have the job?

On One Hand: The Employer is InterestedBackground checks cost money and take time, so most employers will only run background checks on people who they are considering hiring. Especially if there a... Read More »

What does a background check reveal?

Information commonly revealed during background checks include criminal convictions, driving records, medical records, drug test records, bankruptcy records, past employers, educational records, ch... Read More »