What does ba stand for in basketball stats?

Answer BA is an acronym that stands for a statistic that measures "blocks against," according to Basketball Prospectus. The statistic shows how many times a player has had his shots blocked in games. A re... Read More »

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What does RPI stand for in basketball?

RPI stands for ratings percentage index. It is a way of ranking college basketball teams based on their winning percentage, the winning percentage of their opponents and the perceived strength/diff... Read More »

What does AAU stand for in basketball?

AAU is the commonly used abbreviation for the Amateur Athletic Union, an organization founded in 1888 to provide coordinated competition in a variety of American youth sports. Modern programs that ... Read More »

What does ABA stand for in basketball?

The ABA is the American Basketball Association. It is a lower-level basketball league with teams across the country, as of May 2010. The original ABA was formed in 1967 and operated until 1976, whe... Read More »

What does BA stand for in basketball?

In basketball scoring, BA stands for "blocks against." It is used when compiling statistics, and refers to how many times a player had a shot blocked during the game. If a player attempted seven sh... Read More »