What does awaiting disposition mean?

Answer Disposition refers to how a case is legally resolved or settled. Thus, awaiting disposition simply means that the legal resolution to the case is still pending. In other words, a ruling or finding ... Read More »

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What does disposition mean in court?

A court disposition is the final ruling, order or decision of a lawsuit or criminal charge. Dispositions are typed documents that are filed with each case and therefore become public record. These ... Read More »

What is the disposition of Capture Tag Part A Tag on DD Form 2745?

Awaiting the end?

God Bless you.... you have suffered a great deal... and have made your peace with this illness.... you have been a living example to your wife and children of a brave soul..and your memory will ... Read More »

What does awaiting arraignment mean?

The term awaiting arraignment means that the accused individual is currently in police custody waiting for the judge to make a decision as to whether bail will be set for temporary release and, if ... Read More »