What does the word aves mean?

Answer "Aves" is the biological class of birds. All birds are aves. There are approximately 9,000 different species of birds, from hawks to sparrows to ducks, and they are represented on all continents, e... Read More »

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When did Royal Crown Derby's Green Aves debut?

The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company introduced the Green Aves pattern of porcelain dinnerware in 1956. Production of tableware and complementary ornamental items in the green and gold design co... Read More »

How to Get an A in Spanish?

Yes, Spanish can be the most boring thing next to math and science. BUT did you know that there are ways to get into Spanish by connecting it to your main interests and your life outside of school?

How to Say Hello in Spanish?

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How to Say Hi in Spanish?

There are many, many ways to greet someone in Spanish, especially when you start to learn regional and local expressions. To say hi in Spanish using the most universally understood terms, try the f... Read More »