What does auto engine displacement mean?

Answer Engine displacement is a term used to indicate the size of an engine. It can be expressed in liters, cubic centimeters or cubic inches, such as 3.5L (liters), 350 ci (cubic inches) or 1,200 cc (cub... Read More »

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The Largest Ford Displacement Engine in the 1970s?

The Ford Boss 429 V-8 engine was Ford Motor Company's largest displacement engine during the 1970s. It was also the most rare, yet well-known V-8, and was produced from 1969 and 1973. The closest r... Read More »

Explanation of Engine Firing Order & Angular Displacement?

The purpose of the engine is to turn the crankshaft. A gear on the end of the crankshaft transmits power to a train of linkages that leads to the wheels. Several pistons cooperate to turn the crank... Read More »

What does NB NP mean on auto insurance?

It is difficult to answer this without seeing the context, but I will take a stab at it. On the auto theft claims end abbreviations are used, like NI, is named insured and IV represents the vehicle... Read More »

What Does SAE Mean on Auto Tools?

The "SAE" that you find on auto tools stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers, a production group that monitors the standards of automotive tools and components. Any tool with those letters ... Read More »