What does auditing around the computer mean?

Answer Auditing around the computer is an auditing technique in which the expected outcome is known and from this, information is entered into the computer system to see whether it will yield the same res... Read More »

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What is compliance auditing?

Businesses in every industry have compliance standards that need to be met. Depending on what kinds of mandatory deliverables a company deals with will determine how, and what, they audit for compl... Read More »

What is forensic auditing?

Forensic auditing gives a business or agency the ability to protect itself from fraud or other illegal activities. A forensic audit will provide real information that can be used in a court of law ... Read More »

How to Correct Auditing Errors?

An audit is a detailed examination of records, frequently financial in nature, in a search for existing errors or inaccuracies. Audits are typically related to tax records, and the Internal Revenue... Read More »

Internal Auditing Job Description?

Many firms, especially manufacturers, implement quality assurance programs and systems to continuously improve their ability to produce and deliver goods and services that satisfy both their own sp... Read More »